Chromosome Research 2008 Scholarly Manuscript Prize

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Chromosome Research
2008 Scholarly Manuscript Prize

The Publisher and Editorial Board of Chromosome Research are offering an Annual Scholarly Manuscript Prize (hereafter referred to as "Prize") to be awarded to the first author of a paper accepted for publication in Chromosome Research in 2008 that is judged by the Editorial Board to be the best of the year in terms of the originality and impact of the science, quality of presentation and the level of technical skill involved in the research. The 2008 Prize is generously sponsored by Springer Science and Business Media (publishers of Chromosome Research). A similar prize will be offered in 2009.

The applicant for the Prize must be

(1) The first author of the manuscript ,

(2) In a post-graduate or post-doctoral position within 7 years of Ph.D. degree award, as verified by a statement from their department chair.

(3) The major contributor to the research and to the writing and presentation of the paper.

The prize of Euros 1000 is intended to assist the winner in attending a major international chromosome, genetics or cell biology conference to present the work as a talk or a poster.

The winner will be announced early in 2009 for the preceding 12 month period.

The winner will be asked to provide a statement of expenditure to the publisher but will otherwise be free to use the funds in any manner related to the registration, travel and subsistence for the conference of their choice.

Entrants are advised to send their paper to the Editor-in-Chief or to any of the Associate Editors of Chromosome Research, together with a letter indicating that they wish to be considered for the Prize along with verification of their post-graduate or post-doctoral status.

Eligible persons who have already had a paper accepted for publication in 2008 will be notified individually and invited to enter for the prize.

The Editorial Board reserve the right not to award the prize if no paper is submitted that meets their criteria of excellence. Chromosome Research