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Last: 2009.03.08
DataBases (C-Value, Chromosome numbers)

Chronis - Chromosome-Nano Information System

Plant DNA C-values Database @ KEW

Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers @ Missouri Botanical Garden

Index to Chromosomes of Asian Pteridophyta @ Kumamoto University

W3TROPICOS @ Missouri Botanical Garden (Chromosome Numbers in Plants)

DOGS (Database Of Genome Sizes) @ Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS), The Technical University of Denmark

TelDB (GenLink Multimedia Telomere Resource)

TIGR Gene Indices

TREP, the Triticeae Repeat Sequence Database @ GrainGene

PlantSat: A DATABASE OF PLANT SATELLITE DNA @Institute of Plant Molecular Biology, CZ

Repbase @ Genetic Information Research Institute

ChromoRep @ UniversitÓ Politecnica delle Marche - FacoltÓ di Scienze
The "Reptiles chromosomes database" is a catalogue of the karyological data of reptiles available so far and includes more than 2000 records.)

Drosophila Heterochromatin Genome Project

Nuclear Protein Database

Nuclear Protein Database (NPD) @ MRC Human Genetics Unit
(The database stores information on mammalian proteins located within the nucleus and either identified by ourselves in the course of a gene-trap screen, or in the literature. Information on proteins structure/domains/localisation and function is linked to relevant literature sources (e.g. Pubmed) or databases (e.g. Entrez, OMIM etc).You can search the database by gene/protein name(s), protein domains or motifs, nuclear compartment or by keyword.
Visit Chromosome Biology section page @ MRC Human Genetics Unit in Laboratories Page)

Human Chromosomes

Cytogenetics Image Gallery @ University of Washington

Genes and disease @ NCBI (Human disease)

Karyotype analysis @ The Natural History of Genes

GeneCards: human genes, maps, proteins and diseases

GenLink: A human genetics resource @ Washington University

UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre @ MRC

Human Genome Chromosome Databasese @ MRC

Human Chromosome Launchpad @ Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

MCNdb : Mendelian Cytogenetics Network @ University of Copenhagen

Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

YAC MAPPING DATA @ Molecular Cytogenetics and Positional Cloning Center

(The GenotypesDB makes all genotypic data used in the construction of linkage maps presented in GenLink easily accessible through the WWW)

The chromosomes of Acipenseriformes

The chromosomes of Acipenseriformes @ University of Ferrara
(Chromosomal images of Acipenseriformes, Acipenser, Huso, Scaphirhynchus, Polyodon, and the abstracts of all papers about Acipenseriformes chromosomes and karyotype reconstructions (when available))

Mink chromosome mapping

Mink chromosome mapping

Genome Projects: (Under Construction, order will be changed)

Caenorhabditis elegans

C. elegans Project at The Sanger Centre

Caenorhabditis elegans WWW @ The University of Texas


Saccharomyces Genome Database @ Stanford


Plant Genomes Central @ NCBI

The Plant Chromatin Database

Genome databases, USDA-ARS Center for Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics, Cornell University (Arabidopsis-AGR, BarleyDB, BrassicaDB, ChlamyDB, FoggDB, GrainGenes,MaizeDB, MilletGenes, RiceGenes, RoseDB,SolGenes, SorghumDB, SoyBase and so on)

The UK Crop BioInformatics Network, UK CropNet (Arabidopsis, BarleyDB, BrassicaDB, FoggDB, MilletGenes and so on)

GrainGenes, INRA

Mendel Bioinformatics Group, John Innes Centre (Mendel-ESTS, Mendel-GFTb)

GABI - Genomanalyse im Biologischen System Pflanze project

KOMUGI, Wheat Network Japan, NIG

The Korea Rice Genome Database, Myongji Univ

Plant Genome Information Resource (PGDIC) at NAL, USDA

The Plant Genome Database Collaboration at UC Davis

Plant Genome Mapping Projects at NAL, USDA

Oryzabase @ NIG

TIGR Rice Gene Index


Rice GD/Genome Database of Chinese Super Hybrid Rice, China

Missouri Maize Project

Maize Genome Analysis at CSHL

The Kazusa Arabidopsis data Opening Site

The TIGR Arabidopsis thaliana Database

the Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center at U Pennsylvania

Arabidopsis Genome Analysis at CSHL

AIMS: Arabidopsis Information Management System

TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource) Database Search

Arabidopsis Functional Genomics Consortium(AFGC) @ Stanford

The BeanGenes Database

The Grain Genes Database

Dendrome Project, Forest Tree Genome Database at UC Davis

Human Genome

GENETHON (Human Genome Research Center, France)

The Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics Web Server

Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre, UK

BodyMap: Anatomical Expression Database of Human Genes, Osaka U

OMIN: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man @ NCBI

Human Genome Project @ The Sanger Centre

The Human Genome Organisation

Mouse and Rat Genome

Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI), The Jackson Laboratory

Whitehead Institute/MIT Genome Sequencing Project(Mouse and Human)

Genetic and Physical Maps of the Mouse Genome

Mouse Microsatellite Data Base of Japan (MMDBJ)

TIGR Mouse Gene Index

RATMAP (Rat Genome Database)

Animal Genome
Animal Genome Database, Japan

Insect Genome




FISH (not in situ!) Genome

Medakafish at Nagoya U

The Zebrafish Information Network

Fugu project @ MRC HGMP-RC

Tetraodon nigroviridis Genome Analysis @ Genoscope

General databases


WWW Genome Sequencing Projects

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (GenBank, PubMed etc)

EMBL - European Molecular Biology Laboratory

European Bioinformatics Institute, EMBL

DNA Data Bank of Japan @ NIG

Sequencing Projects @ The Sanger Centre

Genomic Sciences Center @ RIKEN

Tyrannosaurus rex Genome Browser @ Ensembl (Update 2003.4.1)