T. C. Hsu died on 9th July 2003

On July 9th 2003 Professor T. C. Hsu, the pioneer of human cytogenetics and one of the most famous and accomplished chromosomologists of our time died in Houston, Texas. So passes a truly remarkable personality who led a long, colourful and eventful life that began on April 17th, 1917 in a little village at the foot of a mountain range in Shaohsing, Chekiang Province, China and ended in The United States of America at the frontiers of modern biological science.

T. C. Hsu will be known to most of us for his determination of the accurate haploid chromosome number of Homo sapiens and his characterization of the human karyotype. Later, we will be publishing his obituary in Chromosome Research. Those of you who would like to know more about him and his life and work can find it all in his autobiography, published in 1995 in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, volume 59, pages 304 - 325. You might also like to look again at his historic publication, "Mammalian Chromosomes In Vitro - The Karyotype of Man", published in Journal of Heredity volume 43 pages 167 - 172 (1952).